Every year each Member of the Maryland General Assembly is permitted to establish a scholarship program within their legislative district for students who will be attending a Maryland college or university. 

Over the past six years I have been honored to assist many students in Harford County, and I have distributed nearly $250,000.00 to help these students achieve their educational goals.  

This year’s application deadline is Friday, May 27, 2022.


Delegate Lisanti’s Scholarship

Who may apply: Current high school seniors and full-time or part-time, degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students. Students attending a private career school may also apply.

How to apply: If your delegates make their own awards, you should call or write them for further instructions. The Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) can provide a list of all State legislators. Some delegates ask OSFA to make awards for them. These awards are made on the basis of need as demonstrated on the FAFSA.  If a delegate asks OSFA to make the awards, students must complete and file the FAFSA.

When to apply: 
Complete and file the FAFSA. 
All application materials must be submitted by Friday, May 27, 2022.

Eligible majors: 
All majors are eligible.

Scholarship can be used at out-of-state institutions if the applicant is on active duty with the U.S Military and domiciled in the State. In addition, if the student is disabled and studying at an institution outside Maryland that make special provisions (that are not available to the applicant at an institution in Maryland) for disabled students.

​You may also use this scholarship at an out-of-state school if your major is not available at any Maryland institution. In order to verify your major as unique, you must complete the Unique Major Application and submit it to MHEC with the required documentation. Allow eight weeks for processing.


You and your parents (if you are a dependent student) must be Maryland residents and live in district 34A. You must enroll at a two-year or four-year Maryland college or university as a full-time (12+ credits per semester) or part-time (6-11 credits per semester), degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate student, or attend certain private career schools.


 Award Minimum: $200;   Award Maximum: $11,800

You may hold the Delegate Scholarship with all state awards. The total dollar amount of all state scholarship awards may not exceed your cost of attendance as determined by your college’s financial aid office or $28,000, whichever number is smaller. Funds may not be available to award all eligible students.

Complete THE ENTIRE APPLICATION FORM – Incomplete applications will not be accepted