Hi, I am State Delegate Mary Ann Lisanti and I am running to be Harford County’s next State Senator because I care deeply about you, your family, and Maryland’s future.  

A post-COVID Maryland has left our citizens in need of solid and experienced leaders who recognize that life for everyone has changed, and so must the way we govern. Maryland needs leaders who choose to set aside differences and will work to repair systems and community spirit. 

Maryland must return to a time when elected leaders governed from the center, listened to the people, worked across the aisle, and built community consensus.

For decades I have demonstrated my leadership skills and made tough decisions as Havre de Grace’s City Manager, Harford County’s only Councilwoman, and your State Delegate.   

I have always fought for the people of Harford County and brought unlikely people together for a common purpose. 

As your State Senator, I will work to replace anxiety with positive action. I will work to repair our economy, ensure that our community is safe, and that unnecessary burdens are lifted. 

I will engage you in our government decision-making so that you have a say in your life and your child’s education.

I will fight to reduce taxes and protect small businesses like mine from over-regulation.

As your next State Senator, I will work to make sure our community is safe and that we tackle inflation.  I will always fight hard and be your voice in the Maryland State Senate. 

Harford County deserves a Senator who is willing to work hard and ready to lead.  

A Senator who understands the issues and is prepared to battle for you.  You deserve a Senator who can challenge the status quo, look out for your interests and be there when you need a helping hand.

You deserve a Senator who is an independent thinker, not afraid to topple the apple cart if it is the right thing to do.  Moreover, you deserve a Senator who gets up every day with the mission to improve and unite our community.

I will be that Senator you can count on.  Now, I ask for your vote in the Primary Election. 

Your Neighbor – Your Voice – Your Senator