On July 9th, I hand-delivered a letter to Governor Hogan asking him to use his emergency powers to suspend the gas tax.  The letter included a letter from the Attorney General providing the legal path for him to do so. The letter and advisory are below for your review.

The people in my district and all over Maryland are overburdened with inflation. Their primary frustration is that the government is harming their lives and not helping resolve problems. Daily life is quickly becoming unaffordable for most families. The sudden impact of rising fuel and grocery costs is leading to anxiety, so I am focused on reducing taxes, and here is what I have done so far.

Tax relief is my priority, so as a Member of the House Ways and Means Committee, I was part of the team that delivered 1.86 Billion dollars in tax relief to Marylanders.

I’m proud to have co-sponsored legislation to help consumers cope with inflation while we wait for the Federal Government to take necessary action.

House Bill 1468 – Retirement and Income Tax Elimination Act of 2022 provides tax relief to all Marylanders 65 and older who earn $100,000 ($150,000 if married and filing jointly).

House Bill 288, House Bill 364, House Bill 1151, and House Bill 492 – All eliminate sales tax on personal care and safety products for babies, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, respirators, diabetic care, and oral hygiene products.

We passed the Motor Fuel Tax-Free 30-day tax holiday. I voted several times to extend this tax-free period, but all attempts failed, but I’m not done trying.

My letter (above) to Governor Hogan demonstrates how I work across party lines to do the right thing for Marylanders and work hard to provide a better quality of life for all of our state’s residents. I will continue to stand up for you as your next State Senator!