HB 615 / CH0285 (2018)
Municipal charter amendment procedures

There are 157 separate municipal governments in Maryland, each with an individual charter that defines their powers and duties; yet, some are changed overnight without public notice.  This bill requires the legislative body of a municipality to hold a public hearing and give at least 21 days’ advance notice of the public hearing before adopting a resolution initiated by the legislative body that proposes an amendment to the municipal charter; and requiring the legislative body of a municipality to hold a certain public hearing and give 21 days’ notice before voting on a proposed charter amendment initiated by a certain petition.


HB0460/CH0469 (2019)
Harford County Board of Education – Elected Members – Start Date of Term

Altering the start date for the term of office from the July after the election (8 months after the election) to begin on the first Monday in December after the election.

In memory of our Harford County School Board Member and dear friend, Kathy Carmello, who always put our children first.