Congressional Reapportionment, sometimes referred to as “redistricting” is a process outlined in the United States Constitution to allocate the 435 seats in Congress to equal size districts based on population changes in the decennial census. Therefore, every 10 years, each state legislature is required to re-draw the maps to reflect changes in population.

What should be a rather simple process involving simple math has now become a “political opportunity” for some in Maryland. Both the Governor and the Maryland General Assembly [MGA] created a commission to decide what is the best way to change the congressional maps. The Governor solely appointed a few non-vetted volunteers to his commission while the MGA utilized elected representatives to make up their versions of the map.

It is clear to me, that we need to reform our process. I understand that many feel they haven’t had the chance to provide their input so I wanted to provide a space for you to do so before we make the final decision during the Extraordinary Special Legislative Session of December 2021.

You can review the plans below and please let me know your thoughts so I can best represent you.

Governor’s Redistricting Commission Map

Governor's Redistricting Commission Map
Map submitted by the Governor’s Commission on Congressional Redistricting

Maryland General Assembly Redistricting Commission Map

Map submitted by the Maryland General Assembly’s (MGA) Commission on Congressional Redistricting

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