Bill named for Havre De Grace High School student Connor Sheffield

Maryland fifteen-year-old Connor Sheffield’s medical condition, Gastro-Intestinal Dysmotility, necessitates that he use CBD oil every four hours in order for him to lead a normal and productive life; yet, Maryland currently prohibits school nurses from administering CBD because it’s illegal to possess it on public school campuses.

Connor Sheffield of Havre De Grace

In the next legislative session Del. Mary Ann Lisanti, who represents Connor’s home town of Havre De Grace, will introduce a bill called “Connor’s Courage” aimed at allowing students like Connor to have access to medical marijuana through the nurses office like any other medicine.

“We issue minors the license [to use medical marijuana if their condition warrants it], but no one thought to the next logical conclusion of, well, those youngsters may have to go to school.”

“We accommodate to allow students to take a wide variety of [synthetic pharmaceutical] medication in schools, but we just have no established policy for this,” Del. Mary Ann Lisanti continued. “ What this bill does, it’s non-prescriptive and it basically brings the decision makers together.”

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