“Enough is enough!” said Del. Mary Anne Lisanti, D-Harford County, on Friday, January 31, 2020, at a press conference underscoring her advocacy for House Bill 38, which would reduce the civil penalty for a video toll violation to no more than $5.00. Currently, those who don’t pay a Maryland toll – intentionally or unintentionally – are fined $50.00. HB 38 also prohibits the Motor Vehicle Administration from suspending a driver’s vehicle registration for nonpayment.

Lisanti has fought to get toll fines reduced for years, and she is enthusiastically co-sponsoring HB 38 during this year’s Legislative Session in Annapolis. 

“Maryland drivers have been used as a piggy bank to raise revenues for the state for too long. For instance, when the Hatem Bridge went cashless, more than 22,000 people found themselves subject to violations in the very first month.” added Mary Ann. 

“People in my district cross the bridge daily to run errands and commute to work. If a driver’s credit card is compromised, there can be a delay in notification, and, in the meantime, the driver can get hit with a cascade of fines, each at $50.” continued Mary Ann. 

Mary Ann Lisanti has heard from constituents who owed as little as $15.00 or $20.00 in tolls, but who have accumulated thousands of dollars worth of fines. This predatory practice by the MDTA must end and Mary Ann will fight vigorously this session to make sure that it does. 

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