HB0003 / CH0501 (2017)
Income Tax – Subtraction Modification – Olympic, Paralympic, Special Olympic, and Deaflympic Games Medals and Prizes

We all love to cheer for our favorite athlete; however, did you know they must pay federal and state taxes on the value of medals (Gold, Silver, Bronze) they win in Olympic competition? The purpose of this bill is to fix the state tax code and allow for the recipient of an Olympic, Paralympic, Special Olympic, or Deaflympic medal to declare their award winnings (including the value of the medal) on their Maryland Tax Return Form without being subject to Maryland State Income tax.

In the News: Mary Ann Recognized for Seeking Equity for Maryland Deaf

HB0854 / CH0281 (2016)
State Highway Administration – Relocation of Water or Sewer Lines – Cost Sharing

The MD Rt 22 highway project in Aberdeen has been a decade in the making to enhance access to Aberdeen Proving Ground from I-95.  The project is a federal/state partnership; however, during the construction, the City of Aberdeen was told they need to move their water and sewer lines.  The $1.3 million utility cost could bankrupt the city water and sewer fund and cause local water and sewer rates to increase by thousands of dollars per household.   I couldn’t let this happen to Aberdeen or some future local government so the purpose of this bill is to require the State Highway Administration to notify the county, city, town, or agency that owns a water or sewer line that must be relocated due to a federal project of the cost of the relocation. Additionally, this legislation  requires the Administration to investigate funding sources to help the political subdivision or agency that owns the utility to meet its share of the cost of relocating the water or sewer line, and, if needed, to develop a payment plan.

HB1161 / CH0135 (2016)
Municipalities – Boat Docking and Storage – User Fees – Authorized Uses

The City of Havre de Grace is only one of three local governments with this extra taxing authority so the purpose of this legislation is to expand the allowable use of fees received by municipalities for boat docking and storage. The money can now be allocated to other resources, such as maintaining public access to water and park areas. This bill does not create any new fees, it merely expands the allowable uses of the funds, which are already collected.