February 13, 2020

HdG Supports Teen Who Needs Medical Cannabis At School

HAVRE DE GRACE, MD — The Havre de Grace City Council hosted a special meeting this week to pass a resolution in support of one of its young residents.

In an unusual move, Havre de Grace Mayor William T. Martin convened a meeting Wednesday night to put on record that the city supports proposed legislation inspired by Connor Sheffield.

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February 11, 2020

Md. bill would let auto policyholders choose ‘genuine’ parts

A bill scheduled for a hearing next month would demand Maryland policyholders be given the right to choose between “genuine,” aftermarket or certified aftermarket “crash parts” during a collision repair.

The definition of “genuine” suggested in House Bill 1418 for “motor vehicle liability insurance” permits recycled parts.

It defines genuine parts as anything “manufactured by or for the original manufacturer of the motor vehicle to be repaired” and “authorized to carry the name or trademark of the original manufacturer of the motor vehicle.”

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February 2, 2020

Mary Ann Co-Sponsoring Bill that Ends Predatory Toll Fines

“Enough is enough!” said Del. Mary Anne Lisanti, D-Harford County, on Friday, January 31, 2020, at a press conference underscoring her advocacy for House Bill 38, which would reduce the civil penalty for a video toll violation to no more than $5.00. Currently, those who don’t pay a Maryland toll – intentionally or unintentionally – are fined $50.00. HB 38 also …

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February 2, 2020

Lawmakers Intensify Bipartisan Push to Lower Late Fees on Electronic Tolls

A group of Maryland lawmakers say they’ve heard from drivers who complain about getting tagged with hundreds — sometimes even thousands — of dollars in late fees connected to Maryland’s video tolling system.

Maryland’s $50 late fees on video toll fines are too high, state Del. Alfred C. Carr Jr. (D-Montgomery) said last week. He called them predatory, and he said he is working to pass House Bill 38, which would drop the fines to $5.

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January 3, 2020

Mary Ann to Introduce Connor’s Courage Bill at Start of 2020 General Assembly

Bill named for Havre De Grace High School student Connor Sheffield Maryland fifteen-year-old Connor Sheffield’s medical condition, Gastro-Intestinal Dysmotility, necessitates that he use CBD oil every four hours in order for him to lead a normal and productive life; yet, Maryland currently prohibits school nurses from administering CBD because it’s illegal to possess it on public school campuses. In the …

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December 2, 2019

Delegate Lisanti scored 100% on Maryland PIRG’s 2019 Legislative Scorecard

Maryland PIRG’s 2019 Legislative Scorecard reviews votes on public interest issues we weighed in on during the 2019 session. The bills selected for this year’s scorecard included: modernizing our voter registration systems; supporting smart transportation options; moving the state towards zero waste; and, protecting public health from antibiotic resistance and toxic chemical exposure. Delegate Mary Ann Lisanti scored a 100%! …

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November 30, 2019

Important Update on Transource IEC

The Harford County Council unanimously approved this month the terms of a settlement between Harford County and Transource regarding the latter’s power line project that was initially proposed to cross over irreplaceable farmland in Harford County. As a result of the settlement, Transource Maryland is now likely to use existing power line infrastructure for the Harford County portion of its power line project, known as the …

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